New Lord of the Rings Book - Children of Hurin

In one of the most anticipated books for many years the son of J.R.R. Tolkien has announced that he has finally finished a new book "Children of Hurin". The book is brought together from fragments of notes his father left in various parts.

For those familiar with the Silmarillion they will know that Hurin was one of the heroic Leaders of the early men. The house of Hurin joined the exiled Elves in fighting Morgoth.

Hurin married Morwen Eledhwen and had 2 children Turin Turambar and Niniel. In the tale of Turin Turambar we learn of the sad fate of Turin who seems cursed.

The stories of the Silmarillion are different in tone to the Lord of the Rings. However they offer a different scope and perspective on middle earth.

Like all Tolkien fans we eagerly await this new book.

Why Lord of the Rings is so popular

New Lord of the Rings

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