Disrespect for Teachers increasing - Am I Bovered though?

The UK government has recently been warning that the shortage of teachers is at its most acute since the 1960s.

The top reasons for people leaving the teaching profession include

  1. Disrespect from Pupils. Apparantely a survey by the Association of Teachers and Lectures (1) reported that 65% of teachers had experiences of pupils using the catchphrase "Am I bovered?". This catchphrase stems from the highly popular TV series "The Catherine Tate Show"Other popular catchphrases from the show include the highly sarcastic.
"Whatev -ah!"
Also very popular was the use of the catchphrase from the Weakest Link. "You are the weakest link, Good Bye!"
  1. High Volumes of Paperwork Under new government guidelines teachers face more paperwork in response to the increased number of test and performance guidelines.

  2. Increased numbers of Hours worked. Related to point number 2

  3. Abuse from Parents. The disrespect to teachers is not confined to students. Parents have frequently vented their anger and frustration at teachers (2)

(1) Reported in Daily Telegraph 3rd April 2007
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