Kate Middleton and press harassment

There has been intense media interest in Kate Middleton. She is the first serious girlfriend of Prince William and it is thought she could be the wife of Britain's future King

On numerous occasions Kate Middleton has felt overwhelmed by press photographers and appealed to newspaper editors to limit the publication of paparazzi photographs.

Recently the Daily Mirror was forced into an apology over the publication of paparazzi photos. They were apparently of Kate walking down a street.

Given the circumstance of Princess Diana's death there are concerns that the intrusiveness of the media can become overbearing even for Royals.

A potential future princess will always be of tremendous interest to the press, especially when she is photogenic and glamorous. At the moment most of the British press like the Sun and other news international papers are adhering to self regulatory approach of not publishing unauthorised photos.

Kate Middleton
request for Press privacy

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