Prince Harry deployed to Iraq

Prince Harry, who is third in line to the throne, is likely to be in Iraq soon.

Despite various misgivings and concerns by others, Prince Harry is keen to fulfil his duty, as an active soldier. It is worth noting that as third in line to the throne, safety considerations are not as high, as if it was Prince William.

Prince Harry is relatively free to make an orthodox career in the military. It has been said that Harry gets on well with the men under his command, since leaving Sandhurst, Prince Harry, has been keen to show what he is capable of.

However, concerns over Prince Harry's deployment in Southern Iraq have been aired both privately and publicly by senior members of the armed forces and politicians. This is partly in response to Iraqi insurgents, who have threatened to make Prince Harry a target for kidnap.

Concerns over his deployment are also increased by the increasing scepticism over whether Britain should be in Iraq or not.

MOD to review Prince Harry's role
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