The Miracle of Belfast - Paisley and McGuiness Work Together

Paisley and McGuiness start new Era

"Ian Paisley, the Democratic Unionist party leader who spent decades denouncing republicans, and Martin McGuinness, a former IRA commander, joined together yesterday to assume office as first and deputy first ministers at the head of a new power-sharing government."

Ian Paisley made a career out of building an uncompromising stance of "NO Surrender"

Even when the IRA called a ceasefire and started working towards peaceful negotiations, Paisley and his DUP seemed to hold irreconcilable differences. Yet yesterday May 8th former enemies joined together to begin a new era in Northern Ireland.

John Hume tells a story of the occasion when he said to Ian Paisley, "Ian, if the word 'no' were to be removed from the English language, you'd be speechless, wouldn't you!" Paisley replied, "No, I wouldn't!"

Pic from: Guardian
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