Harry Potter and J.K.Rowling

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Harry Potter mania will be hitting the shops very soon. 21st July

The long awaited finale to the Harry Potter series – Harry Potter and the Deathly hallow is coming out on Saturday. J.K. Rowling finished writing it last year. She described the moment as a mixture of relief, satisfaction and regret. In truth, she is quite looking forward to getting rid of the huge wave of expectation that has met each book. The success of the book, has broke all previous records. The Half blood prince sold over 2 million copies on its first day of publication in Britain alone.

Speculation on the future of Harry Potter

Much has been speculated about whether Harry Potter lives or dies, J.K.Rowling has left the question open. On the one hand she understands why authors may wish to kill off characters, so other people can’t write stories continuing their adventures. On the other hand she said she was fearful about fans reactions if he did die. Interestingly, J.K.Rowling has entered into this arena, seeking to squash some of the fan's wildest speculative endings.

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