J.K.Rowling and the Deathly hallows

J.K.Rowling felt a mixture of sadness and relief when she finally finished the last book in the Harry Potter series. Relief due to the end of the relentless pressure from publishers and fans. Sadness because she had really enjoyed writing and developing the Harry Potter series.

Much speculation has gone into possible endings, on the one hand J.K.Rowling has taken an interest in fan speculation. She often enjoys finding the most absurd suggestions. However, the plot is being kept under tight raps; hopefully, they will avoid the situation last year, when the plot about Dumbledore being killed by Snape, leaked onto the internet.

It is uncertain what will come next for J.K.Rowling. One thing for certain though, is that she need to worry about paying her council tax. The Deathly Hallows is likely to break all previous records, she is already firmly established as the best selling author of her generation.

J.K.Rowling has said there will be one more book about Hogwarts, but it will not be in the same mould as the current books, it will be more factual.

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