Nelson Mandela Biography

Nelson Mandela, once regarded by some as a terrorist, is now one of the most respected figures of the twentieth century. Nelson Mandela came to epitomise the struggle against apartheid and everything that was wrong with the old South African regime. Nelson Mandela fought to highlight the inherent injustice of the apartheid regime, and in the 1960s was sentenced to life imprisonment for his struggle against apartheid. His imprisonment became a rallying call for the opponents of apartheid, and demands for his release generated worldwide support.

Finally, after protracted negotiations, the South African regime relented and released Nelson Mandela in 1994. This enabled him to take part in negotiations, that would eventually lead to the end of apartheid and the first government elected by all. Mandela served as President for 2 terms, before retiring from politics. Mandela strived to unite South African society, in particular, he sought to avoid recriminations against the white population, which was desired by some after decades of mistreatment. His nobility and lack of resentment against those who mistreated him, helped to usher in a new fragile beginning. Without his steadying influence, the transition may have proved much more problematic.


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