Who is Going To Win the X factor?

Actually, what is the X factor. I only learned quite recently what the X factor is. My sister said it was: "the end of civilisation" - I thought this was quite a good explanation.

I was in a youth hostel in Canterbury, enjoying a relaxing time, when some people came in and put this cringe worthy TV programme on.

How awful, everyone was hopeless, embarassing and painful to watch. Even the presenters were squirming in their seats as they had to get rid of group after group.
The only entertainment from the programme was seeing the different vocabulary that people could come up with to describe how bad the groups were.

Why do people think they have any talent, when clearly they are so hopelessly useless and annoying?

Am I being unfair to the X Factor? I only watched it once for 15 minutes and I vowed to never waste my life again. Should I have to watch it everyday, I'm sure I would go mad, crazy insane - just like the contestants on the programme.

If I am completely wrong tell me why X factor isn't the most dreadful programme since the invention of TV.

Who is Going to Win?

O, I don't know. I just hope to forget this painful experience of sitting through 15 minutes of the X factor

X Factor


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