American Voters Prefer Shorter Elections

In a shock opinion poll, 94% of American voters said they would prefer elections to last two weeks rather than two years.

One voter said, I really don't know why elections have to last two years, it's almost as soon as one election is over, people start campaigning for the next one.

However, political scientists said the two year election trail was essential for creating a mind numbing sense of political boredom, essential for any modern democracy. If the election didn't last for two years what we fill the newspapers and TV programs with?

Furthermore, the American political campaigning season is big business; with each candidate spending $10 billion on election campaigns, the election process has become an essential part of the American economy.

"Cut the election process to two weeks and the American economy could be plunged into a deep recession. Clearly spending several billion pounds on useless political adverts, which don't say anything meaningful, is one of the mainstays of the American economy."

With the credit crunch hitting stock markets, analysts agree that any cut in the election campaigning season would be disastrous for a financial system suffering from decades of mismanagement."

One voter chipped in:

"Maybe if politicians didn't spend all their time campaigning they would have been able to introduce sufficient regulations and checks on the risky subprime mortgage sector and could have avoided the current financial crisis."

However, politicians on both sides argued it was not their job to avoid crisis. It makes much better politics to offer solutions to crisis situations. "I mean if we prevent crisis in the first place who is ever going to know what we have done? However, if we create a crisis we can improve our poll ratings by offering solutions."
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