2008 Beijing Olympic Games

The 2008 Beijing Olympics got off to a spectacular start. Huge numbers of people created one of the biggest live performances ever staged.

There was some criticism of the stage management of the opening ceremony.
Substituting a beautiful 7 year old to mime the singing of the real singer (but, with crooked teeth)
Some of the most spectacular firework displays were computer generated images.

The Chinese have been working very hard to present a perfect games. It appears they genuinely crave the admiration of the rest of the world. As you would expect from a totalitarian state they have been doing their utmost to prevent any demonstrations overshadowing the games.

In one respect we want sport to be kept separate from the Games. On the other hand, you are left with a bitter taste as the Chinese put on a propaganda display and try and hide their current and past games.

Away from the politics, the games themselves offers the usual mixture of glory, defeat, success and disappointment.

Michael Phelps looks unstoppable in the pool with 5 Gold medals to his name. He is currently on course to win 8. He has already become the most successful ever Olympic athlete in history (in terms of gold medals won) (Phelps stakes his claim)

Britain's Nicole Cooke won an exciting Olympic gold in the women's road race.

In a couple of days the Olympic track cycling programme begins and then the main athletics programme, which for many is the highlight of the Games.

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