Marcus Aurelius Quotes

  • * The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.
  • * If mind is common to us, then also the reason, whereby we are reasoning beings, is common. If this be so, then also the reason which enjoins what is to be done or left undone is common. If this be so, law also is common; if this be so, we are citizens; if this be so, we are partakers in one constitution; if this be so, the Universe is a kind of Commonwealth.
  • * Whatever happens at all happens as it should; you will find this true, if you watch narrowly.
  • * Death hangs over thee: whilst yet thou livest, whilst thou mayest, be good.
  • * How much time he gains who does not look to see what his neighbor says or does or thinks, but only at what he does himself, to make it just and holy.
  • * Whatever is in any way beautiful hath its source of beauty in itself, and is complete in itself; praise forms no part of it. So it is none the worse nor the better for being praised.
  • * All that is harmony for you, my Universe, is in harmony with me as well. Nothing that comes at the right time for you is too early or too late for me. Everything is fruit to me that your seasons bring, Nature. All things come of you, have their being in you, and return to you.
  • * "Let your occupations be few," says the sage, "if you would lead a tranquil life."
  • * Remember this— that there is a proper dignity and proportion to be observed in the performance of every act of life.
  • * All is ephemeral - fame and the famous as well.
  • Search men's governing principles, and consider the wise, what they shun and what they cleave to.
  • * Search men's governing principles, and consider the wise, what they shun and what they cleave to.
  • * Constantly regard the universe as one living being, having one substance and one soul; and observe how all things have reference to one perception, the perception of this one living being; and how all things act with one movement; and how all things are the cooperating causes of all things which exist; observe too the continuous spinning of the thread and the contexture of the web.
  • * Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current; no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and another takes its place, and this too will be swept away.
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