Worst Cities in the UK.

Birmingham. Birmingham has many ugly buildings and nothing really to show for it. One of the best things about Birmingham is the new M6 toll road which makes it easier to avoid the dreadful traffic congestion that can blight Birmingham. Presumably the traffic is due to people trying to leave or pass through. Birmingham has two big football teams who never win anything - Birmingham and Aston Villa

Liverpool. True the Beatles came from Liverpool, but, they didn't stay there and that says alot. The main attraction of Liverpool is the two football clubs. Liverpool was notorious for being a hothead of Militant socialism in the 1980s, it led Neil Kinnock to expelling the leader of Liverpool city council (Derek Hatton I think) out of the Labour party.

Liverpoodlians don't like being spoken ill of - as Boris Johnson found out when he was forced to travel up to Liverpool and issue a grovelling apology. Boris said Liverpudlians wallowed in its 'victim status'

Milton Keynes. Named after a famous poet and a famous economist, Milton Keynes is supposed to be a mixture of the ancient and modern but, is better known for its innumerable roundabouts and being a rather sad destination for the football club formerly known as Wimbledon.
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Anonymous Hairy_Owen said...

Not only are you clueless, but your English needs some fine tuning as well. If you don't know, then please shut up. From a Londoner. Not a Liverpoodlian (sic).

February 2, 2010 at 5:17 PM  

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