Best English Cricket Team of all Time

Who would you pick for the greatest English cricket team of all time?
This is my choice.

  1. Geoff Boycott. With over 8,000 test runs, Geoff Boycott would make a great choice as a steadying influence to get the innings off to a solid start. Don't know how Geoff would cope with 20 / 20. But, this is for greatest test team of all time
  2. Len Hutton. Just under 7,000 test runs at a very high average of 56. Making him one of the best test batters of all time.
  3. W.G.Grace. We have to make room for the father of modern cricket and the best all rounder of his generation
  4. Denis Compton. For style and grace, Denis Compton would make a great number 4. 5,800 runs at an average of over 50
  5. Ken Barrington. Edging out David Gower and or Peter May. Ken Barrington scored 6,800 runs at an average of 58
  6. Ian Botham. The best all rounder is given to Ian Botham. The statistics are impressive. But, in his prime Ian Botham could and did swing games with his talent and passion
  7. Alan Knott. Simply the best wicket keeper, making him a better choice than a batsman / wicketkeeper like Alec Stewart
  8. Fred Trueman. A fiersome fast bowler with over 300 test wickets
  9. Alec Bedser. One of the great spinners
  10. Jim Laker. Another great spinner.
  11. Bob Willis. - Over 320 wickets. Great speed and accuracy.
If the wicket favoured fast bowling I would drop a spinner and add Darren Gough or Brian Statham.
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Anonymous CT said...

What about Wally Hammond?

Surely he gets in ahead of Boycott.

April 4, 2009 at 8:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You really know your cricket,. ( I don't think ) Alec Bedser was a fine bowler, but I think he would have been surprised to hear he was a spinner. Bradman said he was the best medium pacer he ever faced.
Also no Sir Jack Hobbs?

July 26, 2009 at 5:28 PM  
Blogger khalid said...

i think u no nothing about english legends. no any beter batsman in your team like sir jack hobes , and the bowler of the centery sidney barns. u hear walter hammand .....

December 5, 2009 at 1:52 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

Jack Hobbs as to be in instead of Boycott.
Wally Hammond picks himself.
But Bob Willis as one of the greatest fast bowlers, I can think of many better bowlers, but as you speak of accuracy what about our greatest ever fast bowler, no one was more accurate than Harold Larwood at extreme pace. Bedser was a medium pacer.
I can put forward many other bowlers, but would have to find space for Sydney Francis Barnes and if you are looking for a left arm spinner how about Headley Verity.

July 31, 2010 at 6:56 AM  
Blogger Sean Keenan said...

Yeah not bad, not quite the best though. I'm an aussie and im sick of picking my best aussie team so ive delved into the records and come up with this team at the moment. I may change it a bit in future, but as is:


Atmiddetly this team is top heavy with openers, so I've had to put Grace at 4 because he was such a great player, this opener could handle being middle order. Hutton was a genuine opener, Hobbs and Sutcliffe are the best partnership in the games history for the first wicket, so at number 3 Hutton would be an acceptable choice. Laker is the spinner, because he's the best spinner the Poms have had and seems to be ranked higher in studies than the other spinners in English history. Lohmann was the best bowler for England before Barnes and indeed of the 19th century. Trueman should have played more tests, he was left out a lot, but his stats are superb and is really the first pick after Barnes, arguably the best bowler ever and probably England best bowler. Hammond will always be picked on this team.

What do you think?

December 12, 2010 at 12:10 AM  
Blogger jason said...

Umm.. i think Sean is not far off the mark... depends largely on the wicket..lush or abrasive track.. having given the matter some thought.. i would list the following as my all time english 12...

Gregg(c)(Just for his pre tour commentary)
knott (if i felt light on batting Prior would get the nod)

July 27, 2011 at 2:22 AM  
Blogger jason said...

Ok i think Sean is not too far away with his selection..depends on the wicket whether it is an abrasive/lush track.. here goes for me...(12)

Gregg (c) (just for his pre tour commentary)
Knott (tho Prior if i was feeling light on batting)


I thought Sean was slightly top heavy with openers so i swapped Painter for Hutton.. With Gregg I feel his all round capabilities of batting/bowling and gritty determination would add much to the team..Esp with Hammond(the Hugh Heffner) of his time and Botham being in the same team... the group would require someone with Greggs man management skills to keep a tight ship..
If I were to select Deadly Derek as a second spinner I would leave out Flintoff and maybe play prior as wicket keeper/batsman instead of Knotty..

July 27, 2011 at 2:40 AM  
Anonymous mark sadler said...

My England all-time x11. Hobbs,Grace,Hutton,Hammond,Compton,Rhodes,Botham,Knott,Larwood,Trueman,Barnes.12th.Laker.Hobbs is a certain starter as englands and arguably the games greatest ever opener .Grace is in as the games first great modern cricketer a player who dominated his fellow players during his peak years in the 1870's just as much as the don did in the 30's also a more than useful medium pacer and off-spinner to boot. Hutton thou really should be an opener he brings ballast and fortitude to a line-up with more than enough flair and aggression to spare a player who emerge from bradman's retirement to be it's premier batsmen in the early 50's.Hammond if not for Bradman emergence would probably be acknowledged as his era's greatest player a sure pick. Compton a player of immense charisma and the nearest thing here to a pure genius his figures would surely be even more impressive if not for a mid-career knee injury sustain whilst playing professional football for Arsenal. Rhodes get the nod ahead of a stack of arguably superior test spinners due to his all-round ability as a batsman he work his way from being a no.11 to eventually end up opening the batting with the great Hobbs and as the taker of 4187 first class wickets certainly knew how to take a wicket or two. Botham injury and a lively lifestyle took it's toll on beefy in the later half of his test career but from the time of his debut in 1978 till his last great test series against the aussie in 85/86 no Englishman contributed more as a world class swinging seamer ,dynamic lower middle order bat and excellent slip fielder. Knott a strong contender for test crickets greatest ever wicket-keeper and a quirky but very effective lower order run gatherer a certain starter in my eleven. Larwood on test figures alone would be a justified pick but as a tyro who some have argue was and still is the fastest and most accurate fast bowler that these isles has produce gets the nod from me. Trueman quite simply England greatest quick .Barnes a strong contender for the greatest and most versatile bowler cricket history this medium fast bowler could apparently produce any variation of ball known to the sport in his day with unnerving consistency and mind bogging invention well that's good enough for me!12th man: Laker with respects to the likes of Briggs,Peel,Verity,Underwood,Swannn and the like if picking purely a spinner Laker would be in my eleven this off-spinner after stops and starts endeavoured to bring himself to the pinnicle of world's greatest bowler in the late 1950's and in a debate of all-time spinners would surely deserved be in an exclusive handful greatest ever.

January 17, 2015 at 7:33 AM  
Blogger Ian Elbanbuena said...

Bedser deserves the number one spot i think. He has this bowling sharpeness that almost eliminate half of the team. I shell out money in sports betting and cricket is one of my favourite sport. Unlike one sided winnings because of this so-called favourite mark the result is always exciting coz it's unpredictable. remember wining two times in the english league.

November 15, 2015 at 11:30 PM  

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