Great Military Heroes

Top 10 Military Heroes
  1. Napoleon - Successfully changed the fate of Europe in one of the most successful military campaigns of all time.
  2. Lord Nelson - defeated French at Battle of Trafalgar - effectively ending Napoleon's intention to invade England
  3. Winston Churchill. Honoured for his service in the Boers War. He also served in the first world war. His action in the Dardenelles was criticised, but, he proved instrumental in standing up to Nazi Germany in 1940.
  4. Douglas Bader. Double amputee who rejoined the RAF to fight the Germans in the Battle of Britain
  5. Saladin. United arabs to retake Jerusalem ending the Christian crusades
  6. Babur. First Moghul emperor
  7. Akbar - consolidated Moghul empire in India
  8. Oliver Cromwell - beat the Royal forces of Charles I. Controversial for his massacres in subdueing the Irish
  9. George Washington. First American president and successful commander in chief for defeating the might British Armed forces in the war of Independence
  10. Boudica - raised a native British army against the occupying Roman forces and nearly won
Other great military Heroes

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