Damned United - Brian Clough

The Damned United

In 1974, Brian Clough accepted a decision to become manager of Leeds United. His acerbic cocky style created immediate conflict with the players and executives at Leeds United. His spell at Leeds lasted only 44 days before the players united to get rid of the boss they loathed. In damned united, David Peace weaves a compelling tale of egos and clashes of personalities. Based on the complex character of Brian Clough, it provides great room for fascinating dialogue and the interaction of one of England's most successful yet difficult coaches.

It has received widespread praise. Alastair Campbell said. "It is not every day I read a book which I then want to recommend to everyone.. The novel brings to life a huge, dark and fascinating character.

A film has been made of his short episode at Leeds - the damned United based on a book by David Peace.

Damned United

Book Cover

Book Cover

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