Greatest Yorkshiremen

Some of my favourite Yorkshiremen include:

Captain James Cook - Dogged determination and Yorkshire grit helped him become the most famous explorer of the eighteenth century.

Geoffrey Boycott - Typical Yorkshireman. Strong willed character who says what he thinks; his determination at the crease was legendary one of England's best test batsmen

William Wilberforce. Influential campaigner against the slave trade. Helped to see the slave trade abolished in the UK through his persistent efforts.

David Hockney
. One of the most popular and influential modern artists. Helped develop a new genre of 'popart'

Fred Trueman - Another great Yorkshire cricketer. Fiery temper and awesome fast bowler.

Amy Johnson - Interprid Flying ace. Set many landmark aerplane flights in the 1930s

For examples of other Great Yorkshiremen and women see:

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