Famous Africans who Inspire Me

Africa is a continent of great diversity. Unfortunately, we often associate Africa with images of poverty, starvation and war. But, Africa is slowly rising up. Some of the great Africans who inspire me

Nelson Mandela - a Great champion of freedom and equality. Helped bring to an end apartheid in South Africa
Desmond Tutu. A tireless spokesperson for human rights and equality. Also a Nobel Prize winner in 1984
Kofi Annan - Ghana. One of the great UN secretary generals. Led the UN through difficult times, always maintaining an inner calm and exposure.
Haile Selassie. A great leader of Ethiopia. He led his country over the span of 5 decades.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

all these socalled blacks are politicians. the easiest academic science, if it is a science. demagoguery and a willingness to butcher your opponents. Haile? A cruel despot whose devastation of his own nation led to bloody civil wars, famine and massive refugee flows for thirty years after his own people sent him and his thieving family packing.

No scientists. No philosophers with world wide appeal. No inventors. A people who take, who can't take care of themselves, who are leeches on the rest of the world. With the exception of the Mediterranean nations, it would have been better if civilization had left these savages to their own ignorance, lack of hygein and disease. They can't even take care of the AIDS epidemic which they caused, and now they want trillions from the West for problems they cause because they are devoid of intellect, curiosity on any but a very primitive level.

A UN Secretary General? How fitting.

November 24, 2010 at 11:28 AM  

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