Greatest Kings and Queens of England

Who were the greatest Kings of England?

Firstly, it depends on how we define great. For example, under Henry VIII, the power of the monarchy reached its zenith. Under Henry, the Church of England broke away from the Roman Catholic church establishing a protestant reformation in England. Yet, Henry VIII was also one of the most tyrannical of Kings. Two of his six wives were beheaded. (One of them Anne Boleyn was almost certainly framed in her alleged adultery) Anyone who dared to resist Henry VIII was often tortured and executed including martyrs such as Thomas More and William Tyndale
Under Edward I. The English throne was strengthened in Wales and Scotland, establishing Britain as one of the foremost European Powers. He also strengthened the legal and justice system. But, also Edward I was known for his cruelty - expelling the Jewish population from England towards the end of his regime and his brutal campaigns in Scotland and Wales.

Henry V was immortalised in Shakespeare's play titled after King Henry V. He is seen as a great hero for leading the English army in defeating a superior French army at the Battle of Agincourt. He was the first King to institutionalise the use of English and was a very able military tactician and legislator.
The Greatest monarchs of Great Britain could well be one of three Queens - Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Elizabeth II

Under Elizabeth I, England became the dominant European superpower after the defeat of the Spanish armada. She became well loved by her subjects for her devotion to duty.

Under Queen Victoria, Great Britain expanded its Empire to cover a large portion of the globe. Queen Victoria (despite her withdrawal from public life after the death of her husband Albert) helped to restore public confidence in the Monarchy after previous Kings who had been incompetent or senile.

Elizabeth II
saw the British Empire dissolve into a Commonwealth of Nations. She also oversaw the monarchy moving into a new period of extensive press scrutiny.

I would like to choose King Arthur as being the Greatest King, but, unfortunately it is not clear how much the tales of Camelot are myth and much they are fact.

King Alfred
Therefore, I will choose King Alfred as being the Greatest King of England. He was the first King who united the different parts of England into one unified nation. He helped defeat the Viking invaders and was also a cultured and educated scholar who helped promote a greater sense of justice in his Kingdom.

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