Inspirational Art


Michelangelo's Pieta


Michelangelo's David - perfection in human form


The closeness of God and Man - Sistine Chapel.


Ecstasy of St Therese - Bernini.


The quintessential Monet - Nature in its purest form.

school of athens

The Pinnacle of Ancient Greece, the debating forum for the philosophers of the age.


Pablo Picasso Peace.

Inspirational Art. Art which touches the heart and soul and not just interests the mind. Often modern art seeks to shock to be different and unique, but I don't feel any inspiration only the judgements of the mind come to the fore. True inspirational art brings to the fore a feeling of serenity and upliftment. When I see works of art like this, it can't help but make me feel more inspired and more interested in doing some creative and positive.

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