Great Rags to Riches Stories

In the list of the richest people in the world, some are rich because they inherit their wealth, others are self-made. Some people have great rags to riches stories.

I never watch any reality TV show on principle, but, even a cynic like me was inspired by the story of Susan Boyle. Aged 48, she appeared on Britain's Got Talent, looking anything like a famous singer. But, her talent took the audience and judges by surprise. She gained world record for fastest selling album by debut artist.

Business People with Rags to Riches Stories

Anita Roddick. Born in a air-raid shelter to Italian immigrant parents during 1942. Started with small shop in Brighton in late 1970s developing it into a leading retail brand famous for its ethical stance.

Richard Branson. Leaving school without qualifications. He began his first record shop with a small loan and went on to develop a leading global multinational - Virgin.

Rags to Riches stories
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