Most Advanced Civilisation


"We never can have a true view of man unless we have a love for him. Civilisation must be judged and prized, not by the amount of power it has developed, but by how much it has evolved and given expression to, by its laws and institutions, the love of humanity."

- Rabindranatah Tagore

We are apt to judge societies by their material success. If we can put a man on the moon, we consider it an advanced society. If people live a life of simplicity, we consider it a backward society.

The real success of society is not in proving its superiority but whether there is a sense of self-offering and good will to other societies and countries.

With this criteria it is much harder to judge which is the most advanced civilisation. Measuring countries by Gross Domestic Product GDP says nothing about the values and aspirations of the people.

Interestingly the small Kingdom of Bhutan seeks to measure progress not by GDP but by a happiness index.

Hopefully, the most advanced civilisation is still to come.
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