When I Was A Nipper - Alan Titchmarsh

Review of When I was A Nipper - Alan Titchmarsh

Remember the days when the National Anthem would be played everyday, and people would stand to attention with respect? Remember the days when making a phone call was quite an event and you had to be careful of how long you spoke for? If you do remember, you'll enjoy reading this nostalgic account of postwar Britain.

If you can't comprehend life pre mobile phones and Facebook, you may be fascinated by this account of what life was like in 'Ration book' Britain. Whether you would have preferred life scrimping halp-penny bits to pay for annual trip to Blackpool, is for you to decide.

Alan Titchmarsh writes a personal account of life growing up in postwar Britain. It is nostalgic and interesting without being sentimental or irritating. He manages to write about the best aspects of 50s Britain without getting onto long moralising lectures about present era.

The main thing that comes across from this book is how different society was, just a few generations ago. Today the idea of life without supermarkets, motorways, telephones, cars (to say nothing of t'internet) is hard to imagine.

It raises many questions such as what is the real nature of progress? but, it is also just enjoyable to read about how house mothers used to spend all day ironing and cleaning and how people would wear a hat to denote social status. To those who grew up in post war Britain I'm sure there will be much nodding of head in agreement, but, it is worth reading even for those who brought up in a society of cable TV and Google.

Another good book by Alan Titchmarsh

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