Dutch Inventions and Culture

Some of the great contributions of the Netherlands to the world.


The Dutch Bride by Rembrandt.

The Dutch Golden Age of Painting. The Dutch Golden Age was a remarkable period of artistic output. Rembrandt has been described as a 'prophet of civilisation' for his remarkable empathy with human aspirations and human emotions. As well as Rembrandt, this period also produced Masters of art such as Vermeer, Jan de Bray, and Dirck Hals. See more on Dutch Golden Age of Art


Holland, windmills in Zaanse Schans
Photo by ♀Μøỳαл_Bгεлл

Simple yet effective in harnessing the natural power of the weather.

Total Football

The mesmerising football played by the Netherlands football team in the 1970s has rarely been matched since. It helped football live up to its goal of being the 'beautiful game'

Cycling in Modern Society

The Dutch didn't invent cycling, but they showed cycling can be an effective and enjoyable form of modern transport.

Family cycling
by pano_philou

more on Cycling in Holland

The Tulip


The Netherlands is famous for fields of tulips which provide carpets of colour, attracting visitors just to see the mass of colour.

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh was one of those rare genius, whose talents captivated the world.

Other Great Contributions
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