Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Anne Frank Timeline and Facts

  • Anne Frank - Born on June 12, 1929
  • Place of Birth : Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Parents: Otto Frank Edith Holländer
  • Biography of Anne Frank
  • 1933 - Hitler comes to power and begins enacting anti-semitic legislation. Franks make plans to leave for Holland.
  • 1938 Otto Frank starts a second company in partnership with Hermann van Pels, Jew who had also fled from Germany with his family

  • 1939 World War II begins on September 3rd when Britain, France and Allies declare war on Germany after the invasion of Poland
  • 1940 May 10: The Germans invade and occupy the Netherlands
  • 1941 January 8: Dutch Jews are forbidden access to movie theaters or use public transport
  • 1941 April : In Holland all Jews are forced to wear yellow stars.

  • 1942 June 12: Anne receives an autograph book from her father for her birthday and Anne Frank decides to use it as a diary

  • 1942 July 6: The Frank family go into hiding in Amsterdam because of her mother - Margot's deportation order.
  • 1942 July 13: The Van Pels family, join the Frank family in the 'secret annex'.

  • 1944 June: Allies land in Normandy and begin advance across Europe.
  • 1944 August 1: The final entry is made in the diary of Anne Frank
  • August 4: The hiding place was stormed by the German Security Police following an anonymous tip-off.
  • September 3: Both families are sent in a cattle cars to Auschwitz.

October 28: Anne and Margot are transported to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

  • 1945 January 6: Anne's mother, Edith Frank dies of starvation at Auschwitz
  • January 27: The Russian Allies liberate the remaining survivors in Auschwitz, including Otto Frank.
  • March : Margot Frank diee of typhus in Bergen-Belson
  • April 1945 - Anne dies of typhus in Bergen-Belsen. The camp was liberated by British troops on
  • May 8: Germany surrenders to end World War II in Europe

  • 1947 Anne's diary, Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl is published in Amsterdam.
  • 1952 June 16: The diary of Anne Frank is published in the United States
  • 1957 May 3: Otto Frank and others establish the Anne Frank Foundation
  • 1960 May 3: The Anne Frank House is opened in Amsterdam
  • 1990 March 23: The Hamburg Regional Court confirms the diary's authenticity.

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