Friday, January 15, 2010

Top 10 Achievements of Mankind

What are the greatest achievements of humanity? It is hard to choose but here are 10 achievements which are examples of some of the finest achievements of mankind. Undoubtedly there are many more we could have chosen. For example, not least, would be the more intangible achievements of lasting peace of mind and peace between peoples.

Perhaps the greatest achievement of humanity is exemplified by the greatest sages and saints such as the Lord Buddha quietening his mind under the Bodhi Tree. But, here are ten more worldly achievements.

  1. Declaration of Human Rights. - The idea of equality, liberty, and justice
  2. Understanding Nature of Human existence - From Aristotle, to Newton and Einstein. The greatest minds have helped better understand the place of human beings in the greater cosmos through the laws of gravity and other scientific discoveries.
  3. Climbing Mount Everest - Symbolising the adventurous spirit of man
  4. Development of Modern Medicine and Vaccinations
  5. Moon Landing
  6. Ave Maria Bach / Schubert
  7. Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa
  8. Building the Great Pyramids
  9. The Works of William Shakespeare
  10. The First Flight by the Wright brothers 1901
Further Reading - more detailed explanation of some of the greatest achievements of mankind

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Sean said...

How is climbing Mt. Everest higher up than the Moon landing?

Anonymous said...

The discovery of Vaccinations.

No building, monument, device, war, document, program, weapon, battle, philosophy or can even compare to the live saved and improved by this discovery.

Humans stamped out a disease. We stamped out a disease!!! We ended a strain and source of suffering and misery FOREVER. Those who benefitted may never realize it.

Anonymous said...