Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Top 10 Famous Outlaws

A list of 10 Famous Outlaws

  1. Billy The Kid (1859-1881) It is said he killed 21 people, for each year of his life. This included his first killing at the age of 12. He was convicted of four murders, including two officers of the law.
  2. Butch Cassidy. Butch Cassidy led a notorious including Kid Curry and the Sundance Kid. They became famous for the huge sums they managed to steal over $200,000.
  3. Robin Hood (13th Century) A famous legend of an outlaw who - "stole from the rich and gave to the poor" - fighting the Sheriff of Nottingham. Difficult to know how much is legend and how much is true.
  4. Sam Bass (1851-1878) - held up Trains in Texas taking a huge haul of cash
  5. Thomas Dun - An outlaw in Bedforshire, England robbing travellers on the Great North Road. Escaped justice for 20 years, in part because of sympathies of the local peasants who Dun was generous to.
  6. Henry Plummer (1832-1864). Henry Plummer became a sheriff in Montana and helped to clean up crime in the area. All crime except a notorious highway robbery gang who Henry Plummer was the secret leader of. Eventually caught, Henry was sent to the gallows.
  7. Juro Janosik (1690-1713) - Described as the Slovak Robin Hood. He served in the Hapsburg army before deserting and becoming leader of a bandit gang who stole from Hapsburg officials distributing some to local peasants.
  8. Jesse James (1847-1882) On the outbreak of civil war, Jesse James joined a confederate guerrila army which terrorised the north. After the war, Jesse James led a gang which made many bank robberies, before being shot by a fellow gang member seeking the high price on Jesse James' head.
  9. Bonnie and Clyde - A pair of lovers who became famous in depression hit America as they travelled through America holding up banks and being involved in many crimes.
  10. Dick Turpin. Famous English highwayman.

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