Friday, March 5, 2010

Spirituality and Religiosity

"Religion is our conscious or unconscious response to the beckoning Light. Religion is our firm belief in the lofty experiences of our predecessors. Religion is our great satisfaction in our glorious past.

Spirituality is in the aspiring heart. Spirituality is of the liberating soul. Spirituality is for the fulfilling and immortalising God."

- Sri Chinmoy from Philosophy, Religion and Spirituality


Anonymous said...

In my religious beliefs I am always trying to understand the world that god gave us. So I feel it is more about present than past. The path of love is a strong belief in my religion. We believe that god is all around us and always with us. And I do not feel the need to convert people.

Your four points do not do well with modern christian beliefs. So I will say that this does a terrible job of differentiating these two ideals.

Anonymous said...

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