Sunday, June 23, 2013

Top 10 Sportsman of All Time

muhammad ali
If you want to start a good debate, why not try to choose the top 10 sportsman of all time. There are so many to choose from it becomes very subjective. But, here are 10 sportsmen who were outstanding at their sport and also great personalities.

  1. Muhammad Ali At his peak, Muhammad Ali was undoubtedly the greatest boxer of his generation. But, Muhammad Ali didn't just beat his opponents and become a world champion. He became a world champion with great style and capturing the imagination of the public. His career would have been much greater, if it wasn't curtailed by his decision to refuse to fight in Vietnam.
  2. Pele. During his career, Pele scored over a 1,000 professional goals. He was instrumental in the success of the Brazilian national football team - from his world cup debut in 1958 to the historic Brazilian win in 1970. Pele stands as a symbol for the best traditions of football - the world's most universal and accessible sport.
  3. Eddy Merckx. Eddy Merckx was the greatest cyclist of all time. His scope of victories were breathtaking. From five Tour de France victories to all the great one day classic. Merckx broke the world hour record, was world champion and won the Giro d'Italia five times and the Vuelta a Espana once. True, Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France seven times, but he could never match the breadth and scope of Merckx in one of the world's most gruelling sports.
  4. Carl Lewis - 10 Olympic golds over three different disciplines - 100m, 200m and the long jump.
  5. Roger Federer. Greatest tennis player, holding record for most grand slam titles.
  6. Babe Ruth. Greatest baseball player of the twentieth century.
  7. Donald Bradman. The most dominant batsmen in Cricket. Finishing his career with close to 100. Other batsmen like Sachin Tendulkar have scored more runs, but none have ever dominated the bowling as much as Donald Bradman
  8. Haile Gebrselassie. Greatest distance runner of his generation. Gebreselassi won Olympic gold at 10,000m in both 1996 and 2000. He also won four world titles. Towards the end of his career he broke the world marathon record twice in 2007 and 2008. Still running in his 40s, Gebreselassie is also great ambassador for the sport.
  9. Jesse Owens. Olympic medalist in 1936 Olympics. Jesse Owens helped to smash Hitler's pride in the superiority of Aryan race. Despite racial discrimination at home, Owens always carried himself with great digniity.
  10. Usain Bolt In smashing the world record at the blue ribband events of 100m and 200m in such style, Usain has already established himself as the fastest man on the planet. He went on to repeat his Beijing feats winning Olympic gold at London.
Who would you nominate for most inspiring sportsman?



Inspirational People said...

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Inspirational People said...

Certainly Pele, Muhammed Ali and a few others fit the list. But a certain Diego Maradona and Jacky Robinson is missing. Can't say the Bolt belong to this category yet.

Anonymous said...

Arnold Shwarzenegger have to count as one of the greatest sport personalities of all time

Anonymous said...

sachin tendulkar should be on that list!!!

ankit said...

why no dhyanchand on board he is to be kept 1st man, the magician of hockey.

Unknown said...

Where is Sachin Tendulkar??
The Master of "Cricket" ..

Unknown said...

Sachin Tendulkar From "Cricket"