Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oxford Colleges Reputation

Christ Church

The outside of Christ Church College, Oxford. Christ Church was built with the support of King Henry VIII. It has retained its reputation as the most prestigious college. Its alumni include John Locke, John Wesley and William Gladstone. It is also home to the UK's smallest cathedral for the diocese of Oxford.

ALL souls

All Souls is the most academically demanding college. It does not take under-graduates, but only offers post-graduate places to the top finalists from within the university. It is also one of the most beautiful colleges, with the Hawksmoor towers dominating parts of the Oxford skyline.

Queens College Oxford
Queen's College was founded with the intention of providing bursaries to students from the North of England.

New College
New College, one of the oldest colleges, founded in the twelfth century.
Magdalen College
Magdalen college, the most visited college set in a deer park by the River Cherwell. Former college of Oscar Wilde.

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