Prince Harry deployed to Iraq

Prince Harry, who is third in line to the throne, is likely to be in Iraq soon.

Despite various misgivings and concerns by others, Prince Harry is keen to fulfil his duty, as an active soldier. It is worth noting that as third in line to the throne, safety considerations are not as high, as if it was Prince William.

Prince Harry is relatively free to make an orthodox career in the military. It has been said that Harry gets on well with the men under his command, since leaving Sandhurst, Prince Harry, has been keen to show what he is capable of.

However, concerns over Prince Harry's deployment in Southern Iraq have been aired both privately and publicly by senior members of the armed forces and politicians. This is partly in response to Iraqi insurgents, who have threatened to make Prince Harry a target for kidnap.

Concerns over his deployment are also increased by the increasing scepticism over whether Britain should be in Iraq or not.

MOD to review Prince Harry's role
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Great Football Goals

Roy Wegerle scores an unbelievable dribble.

Trevor Sinclair - Overhead Kick

Rod Wallace - from deep inside his own half


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Extraordinary life of Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc, the patron saint of France, led an extraordinary life. At the age of just 19 she led the French army to victory over the English.

From an early age she felt a strong religious intensity, she received various visions which encouraged her to shape the destiny of France.

After several military victories Joan of Arc was captured by French forces loyal to the English. She was given a show trial and sentenced to be executed - by burning at the stake.

Biography of Joan of Arc
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Boris Yeltsin Death

The former leader of the Soviet Union, Boris Yeltsin, died recently of heart failure.

Mikhail Gorbachev paid a mixed tribute to the former Russian leader. Of Boris Yeltsin he said:

"He made many great deeds for the good of the country and serious mistakes"

His finest hour was perhaps in 1991 when he mounted a tank, protesting against the army's decision to try and take power. He also ordered tanks to fire on his own parliament when hardliners again tried to take power in 1993.

During his term in office he granted increased freedoms to the Russian population, however, his presidency became increasingly erratic. This was largely attributed to his drinking problems.

Biography Boris Yeltsin.
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A Musical Lesson. - Video

The teacher reacted well to an unusual interruption.
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Top 10 Football Goals in English Premier League

1. David Beckham.
2. Dennis Berkamp
3. Matthew le Tissier.
4. Paulo de Canio
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Only Fools and Horse best Clip -

"OK Grandpa you can undo it now."

"One more turn will do it."

"Brace yourself..."

Batman and Robin Sketch and falling through bar

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Best Rugby Unions Tries of all Time.

Some of the All Black's best tries of all time. Good video selection, running time of 6 mins.

Real class, style, flair, speed and power.

See also Best Rugby league tries
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Best Footballer Videos: Socrates

Socrates the legendary no.8 football player. Some highlights from his glittering football career.

Socrates was born in 1954 and played in many of the best Brazilian sides of all time.

Socrates was a doctor of medicine and rather paradoxically a heavy smoker. He is renowned for his touch on the ball, including his specialty of his back heel pass.

Socrates spent most of his career in Sao Paulo 1976-1984. He was renowned for using football as a means to challenge the military dictatorship of Brazil. Pele name him as one of the top 125 footballers of all time.
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Women Who Changed the World

With the inspiration of Women Who Changed the World by Ros Horton there is a listing of 50 Women who changed the world.

Starting off Sapho and Cleopatra it is a chronological listing of women who have influenced the world in some significant way; either through literature, music, politics or science.

As with any top 50 list it is possible to find some notable omissions. One could make a good case for notable figures of ancient India such as Radha (devotee of Krishna) or Sita (wife of Sri Ramachandra of the Ramayana). The mother of Jesus, Mary could easily have been given a place.

Despite inevitable difficulties of choosing a top 50, it is interesting to see the diversity of such a list.

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Shakespeare and Coffee


Shakespeare takes a break from filming to grap a Starbucks.

Whilst teaching at Jesus College Oxford I was aware that a period film was being made.
I doubt this person was supposed to be Shakespeare but that's what I imagine Shakespeare to be like.

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Life of Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn was born to an English father and Dutch mother in Belgium May 4th 1929. During her childhood she was brought up in England before moving to Holland at the age of 10. From 1940-45 Audrey experienced the difficulties and horrors of Nazi occupation. In particular she saw many local people, including a cousin, shot for resisting the occupying forces. The occupation and lack of food during the latter part of the war left a lasting impression on the young Audrey. Her later involvement in humanitarian issues was partly inspired by her own experiences of suffering.

After the war she continued to study ballet in London, but after a while decided to try a career as an actress. This proved to be a successful move and soon she found her first acting jobs in first theatre and later film. Audrey Hepburn’s big break came when she was chosen to star opposite Gregory Peck in the film “Roman Holiday”. Audrey playing the role of a young English princess captivated audiences with her elfin beauty and mesmerising charm and humour. The film was a big success and Audrey Hepburn was awarded an Oscar for best actress. This paved the way for many other top roles in Hollywood’s big releases of the 1950s. Other notable films included Sabrina with Humphrey Bogart and Funny Face with Fred Astaire.

As well as featuring in the big blockbusters of the time Audrey was a versatile actress who could play a variety of demanding roles. For example she played the lead role of sister Luke in the film “The Nun’s Tale” – a film about a young nun whose religious vows are threatened by the Nazi occupation of Belgium. A very different role in 1961 was her portrayal of extrovert Holly Golightly in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s She said this was one of her hardest roles as the character was completely different to her natural reserve. However despite the difficulties this role is one of the most celebrated in film history and helped to cement Audrey Hepburn’s role as one of the great female actresses.

After the 1960s Audrey Hepburn generally retired from making films. Instead she devoted herself to supporting the charity UNICEF. Audrey Hepburn would frequently visit troubled areas and act as a spokesperson for raising awareness of humanitarian issues. She felt intuitively the suffering of others and remarked on one occasion of visiting an Ethiopian camp for disposed children.

"I have a broken heart. I feel desperate. I can't stand the idea that two million people are in imminent danger of starving to death, many of them children, and not because there isn't tons of food sitting in the northern port of Shoa.

After returning from Somalia in 1992 Audrey Hepburn developed cancer of the colon. The disease proved to be untreatable in January 1993 she died in Switzerland aged 63. She is widely revered as a unique combination of feminine beauty, glamour and sincere concern for humanitarian issues.


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Disrespect for Teachers increasing - Am I Bovered though?

The UK government has recently been warning that the shortage of teachers is at its most acute since the 1960s.

The top reasons for people leaving the teaching profession include

  1. Disrespect from Pupils. Apparantely a survey by the Association of Teachers and Lectures (1) reported that 65% of teachers had experiences of pupils using the catchphrase "Am I bovered?". This catchphrase stems from the highly popular TV series "The Catherine Tate Show"Other popular catchphrases from the show include the highly sarcastic.
"Whatev -ah!"
Also very popular was the use of the catchphrase from the Weakest Link. "You are the weakest link, Good Bye!"
  1. High Volumes of Paperwork Under new government guidelines teachers face more paperwork in response to the increased number of test and performance guidelines.

  2. Increased numbers of Hours worked. Related to point number 2

  3. Abuse from Parents. The disrespect to teachers is not confined to students. Parents have frequently vented their anger and frustration at teachers (2)

(1) Reported in Daily Telegraph 3rd April 2007
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Wealth of Bill Gates - How Much is Bill Worth?

According to the Yahoo! Insider Trades site, Bill has 917,924,402 shares of Microsoft
On 4/2/2007, Microsoft was selling for $27.74.

This means Bill Gates owns $25,463,222,911.48 worth of Microsoft stock. (That's $25.46 Billion.) This excludes many other areas of wealth and income, but is a rough guide to his major assets.

What Could be done with the Wealth of Bill Gates?

With about 7 billion people on the planet. It means that Bill could give $3.86 to every person on the entire planet and still have some change left over!

If Bill wanted to spend all his time playing Pac-Man, assuming each 25¢ game lasts 10 minutes (he isn't very good at it), Bill could play for 1,936,514.02 Years

If Bill Gates were a country his wealth would make him the 76th richest country. Just above Sri Lanka and just below the total GDP of Bulgaria $26 bn

If Bill Gates wealth was converted into $1 bills and laid end to end he could lay the money from the earth to the moon and have enough for 5 round trips. (good job he doesn’t keep it under his bed!)
If the bills were laid like a carpet (no overlapping) they could cover the size of the Vatican 586 times. (what doth a man profit if he …)

View Biography of Bill Gates

Source for information about Bill Gates Wealth

Also see: Bill Gates wealth index (a bit outdated now)
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Best April Fools Jokes

  • Spaghetti Grows on Trees
    In 1957, a BBC television show announced that thanks to a mild winter and the virtual elimination of the spaghetti weevil, Swiss farmers were enjoying a bumper spaghetti crop. Footage of Swiss farmers pulling strands of spaghetti from trees prompted a barrage of calls from people wanting to know how to grow their own spaghetti at home.

  • Semi Colon Islands
    In 1977 the British newspaper The Guardian published a special seven-page supplement in honor of the tenth anniversary of San Serriffe, a small republic located in the Indian Ocean consisting of several semi-colon-shaped islands. A series of articles affectionately described the geography and culture of this obscure nation. Its two main islands were named Upper Caisse and Lower Caisse. Its capital was Bodoni, and its leader was General Pica. The Guardian's phones rang all day as readers sought more information about the idyllic holiday spot. Few noticed that everything about the island was named after printer's terminology. The success of this hoax is widely credited with launching the enthusiasm for April Foolery that then gripped the British tabloids in the following decades.

  • Faster Pitcher from Tibet
    In 1985, Sports Illustrated magazine published a story that a rookie baseball pitcher who could reportedly throw a ball at 270 kilometers per hour (168 miles per hour) was set to join the New York Mets. Finch was said to have mastered his skill -- pitching significantly faster than anyone else has ever managed -- in a Tibetan monastery. Mets fans celebrations were short-lived.

  • Bring Color to Your TV with Wool
    Sweden in 1962 had only one television channel, which broadcast in black and white. The station's technical expert appeared on the news to announce that thanks to a newly developed technology, viewers could convert their existing sets to receive color pictures by pulling a nylon stocking over the screen. In fact, they had to wait until 1970.

  • Taco Liberty Bell
    In 1996, American fast-food chain Taco Bell announced that it had bought Philadelphia's Liberty Bell, a historic symbol of American independence, from the federal government and was renaming it the Taco Liberty Bell. Outraged citizens called to express their anger before Taco Bell revealed the hoax. Then-White House press secretary Mike McCurry was asked about the sale and said the Lincoln Memorial in Washington had also been sold and was to be renamed the Ford Lincoln Mercury Memorial after the automotive giant.

  • Richard Nixon for President.
    In 1992, US National Public Radio announced that Richard Nixon was running for president again. His new campaign slogan was, "I didn't do anything wrong, and I won't do it again." They even had clips of Nixon announcing his candidacy. Listeners flooded the show with calls expressing their outrage. Nixon's voice actually turned out to be that of impersonator Rich Little.

  • New Value of Pi
    In 1998, a newsletter titled New Mexicans for Science and Reason carried an article that the state of Alabama had voted to change the value of pi from 3.14159 to the "Biblical value" of 3.0.

  • Left Handed Whopper
    Burger King, another American fast-food chain, published a full-page advertisement in USA Today in 1998 announcing the introduction of the "Left-Handed Whopper," specially designed for the 32 million left-handed Americans. According to the advertisement, the new burger included the same ingredients as the original, but the condiments were rotated 180 degrees. The chain said it received thousands of requests for the new burger, as well as orders for the original "right-handed" version.

  • The Hotheaded Naked Ice Borer
    Discover Magazine announced in 1995 that a highly respected biologist, Aprile Pazzo (Italian for April Fool), had discovered a new species in Antarctica: the hotheaded naked ice borer. The creatures were described as having bony plates on their heads that became burning hot, allowing the animals to bore through ice at high speed -- a technique they used to hunt penguins.

  • Jump with Pluto
    British astronomer Patrick Moore announced on the radio in 1976 that at 9:47 am, a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event, in which Pluto would pass behind Jupiter, would cause a gravitational alignment that would reduce the Earth's gravity. Moore told listeners that if they jumped in the air at the exact moment of the planetary alignment, they would experience a floating sensation. It is reported that hundreds of people called in to report feeling the sensation.
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John's Blog

John's Blog.

John's Blog is called sensitivty to things.

My next blog will definitely be wordpress (even if I won't use snap preview.. )


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Poem Spring

How can the bird that is born for joy
Sit in a cage and sing?
How can a child, when fears annoy,
But droop his tender wing,
And forget his youthful spring!

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Kate Middleton and press harassment

There has been intense media interest in Kate Middleton. She is the first serious girlfriend of Prince William and it is thought she could be the wife of Britain's future King

On numerous occasions Kate Middleton has felt overwhelmed by press photographers and appealed to newspaper editors to limit the publication of paparazzi photographs.

Recently the Daily Mirror was forced into an apology over the publication of paparazzi photos. They were apparently of Kate walking down a street.

Given the circumstance of Princess Diana's death there are concerns that the intrusiveness of the media can become overbearing even for Royals.

A potential future princess will always be of tremendous interest to the press, especially when she is photogenic and glamorous. At the moment most of the British press like the Sun and other news international papers are adhering to self regulatory approach of not publishing unauthorised photos.

Kate Middleton
request for Press privacy

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New Doctor Who Series

The 3rd series of the new Doctor Who series began last night. It received over 8 million viewers

In the new series the Doctor is joined by a new female assistant; medical student Martha Jones, played by Freeman Agyeman.

Billie Piper who played Rose Tyler has left the show to focus on new acting roles such as appearing in costume dramas such as Mansfield Park.

Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies described the coming episode as one of his most ambitious to date. Next week the Doctor and the tardis will travel back in time to visit Tudor England and the time of William Shakespeare.

Doctor Who at BBC

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Peter Sellers in Pink Panther

A very well put together tribute to the Pink Panther. The pink panther is one of the greatest comedy films Peter Sellers is magnificent as the bumbling Inspector Cleauseau; a deserved tribute to one of Peter Seller's great acting performances.

Biography Peter Sellers

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