Sunday, February 3, 2013

Who Deserves to be in the Top 100 Greatest Britons?

The BBC did a great job in setting up a poll to discover the top 100 Greatest Britons. Apart from Oliver Cromwell, The top 10 are all worthy figures.

However, from a personal perspective, I felt there were some in the top 100 who were there because of fame, rather than any useful contribution. Therefore, I've decided to remove some modern figures, who I don't believe will stand the test of time, and replace them with people who are much more deserving of making a worthwhile contribution to the nation. (Wordsworth, Emily Bronte, John Keats and John Wycliffe)

If you'd like to nominate someone for inclusion or exclusion, leave a comment

Removed From BBC Top 100
  • John Peel
  • John Lydon
  • Robbie Williams
  • Boy George
Put in Top 100
  • William Wordsworth (poet)
  • John Wycliffe 
  • Emily Bronte (poet, author)
  • John Keats
1. Winston Churchill (28.1%)
2. Isambard Kingdom Brunel (24.6%)
3. Princess Diana (13.9%)
4. Charles Darwin (6.9%)
5. William Shakespeare (6.8%)
6. Sir Isaac Newton (5.2%)
7. Queen Elizabeth I (4.4%)
8. John Lennon (4.2%)
9. Horatio Nelson (3%)
10. Oliver Cromwell (2.8%)