Sunday, February 3, 2013

Who Deserves to be in the Top 100 Greatest Britons?

The BBC did a great job in setting up a poll to discover the top 100 Greatest Britons. Apart from Oliver Cromwell, The top 10 are all worthy figures.

However, from a personal perspective, I felt there were some in the top 100 who were there because of fame, rather than any useful contribution. Therefore, I've decided to remove some modern figures, who I don't believe will stand the test of time, and replace them with people who are much more deserving of making a worthwhile contribution to the nation. (Wordsworth, Emily Bronte, John Keats and John Wycliffe)

If you'd like to nominate someone for inclusion or exclusion, leave a comment

Removed From BBC Top 100
  • John Peel
  • John Lydon
  • Robbie Williams
  • Boy George
Put in Top 100
  • William Wordsworth (poet)
  • John Wycliffe 
  • Emily Bronte (poet, author)
  • John Keats
1. Winston Churchill (28.1%)
2. Isambard Kingdom Brunel (24.6%)
3. Princess Diana (13.9%)
4. Charles Darwin (6.9%)
5. William Shakespeare (6.8%)
6. Sir Isaac Newton (5.2%)
7. Queen Elizabeth I (4.4%)
8. John Lennon (4.2%)
9. Horatio Nelson (3%)
10. Oliver Cromwell (2.8%)


peter b pearson said...

what about late captain Eric Brown,who whilst breaking many world records in military aviation was responsible for many advances in aviation.He was also an orthodox and unorthodox war hero.

Mike said...

William Wilberforce,He made a remarkable change in slavery adaptation and went even far to an extent of stopping the slavery,He had a humanitarian spirit,He carried people in His heart regardless of race,