Mary Whitehouse Quotes

"If you were to ask me to name the one man who more than anybody else had been responsible for the moral collapse in this country, I would name Greene."

"I never had any hang-ups about sex. As for being sexually repressed, nothing could be further from the truth. There are more hang-ups now than ever there were when I was growing up."

"Last Thursday evening, we sat as a family and watched a programme that started at 6.35. And it was the dirtiest programme I have seen for a very long time."

She accused the Beeb of promulgating "the propaganda of disbelief, doubt and dirt ... promiscuity, infidelity and drinking".

she urged, the BBC should be broadcasting shows which "encourage and sustain faith in God and bring Him back to the heart of our family and national life".

"nature studies, is it?" - Stumbling on two men having sex while out walking in the woods, she greeted them by name and a tutting

Doctor Who, which she upbraided for scenes of "strangulation - by hand, by claw, by obscene vegetable matter".

- Mary Whitehouse Biography

Sources: Mary Whitehouse at Guardian
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