Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Problems of Starbucks

Recently, I went into the Starbucks in Oxford and was shocked at how poor the experience was. Usually, I go to Cafe Nero in Blackwells bookshop. These were the main problems of Starbucks

  • Long Queue. There always seem to be a long queue at Starbucks; as a result the staff seem stressed out. On one or two occasions I had stopped going to Starbucks rather than wait in the long queue.
  • Coffee was weak and feeble. I ordered a small dry cappuccino. It was like drinking a piece of coloured milk. I could barely taste the coffee. A similar small dry cappuccino in Costa Coffee or Cafe Nero is much better. It was so weak I didn't bother drinking it all. True, I might have been able to queue up and complain; but what's the point? I don't want to have to complain.
  • Atmosphere. The atmosphere reminded me of McDonalds or a slightly upmarket Little Chef. . Coffee shops should have class, style and dignity. The place was also quite dark, dingy and loud music. This is completely different to the coffee shops in the Oxford bookstores.
  • Price. The price is no different to other coffee shops. I wouldn't have minded paying an extra 20p for better coffee and better environment.
  • That was my experience; but the fact it was so busy shows they must be doing something right. I guess they don't need miserable old men like me...