Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Eva Peron Quotes

I am my own woman.

"I am only a simple woman who lives to serve Peron and my people."

"I demanded more rights for women because I know what women had to put up with."

"I had watched for many years and seen how a few rich families held much of Argentina's wealth and power in their hands. So Peron and the government brought in an eight hour working day , sickness pay and fair wages to give poor workers a fair go ."

"I have one thing that counts, and that is my heart; it burns in my soul, it aches in my flesh, and it ignites my nerves: that is my love for the people and Peron."

» I know that, like every woman of the people, I have more strength than I appear to have.

» Suffer little children and come unto me.

"The nation's government has just handed me the bill that grants us our civil rights. I am receiving it before you, certain that I am accepting this on behalf of all Argentinean women, and I can feel my hands tremble with joy as they grasp the laurel proclaiming victory."

" There are some oligarchs that make me want to bite them just as one crunches into a carrot or a radish."

"Time is my greatest enemy."

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Leo Tolstoy Quotes

"The hero of my tale, whom I love with all the power of my soul, whom I have tried to portray in all his beauty, who has been, is, and will be beautiful, is Truth."

- Leo Tolstoy

"A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food; therefore, if he eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite. And to act so is immoral. "

- Leo Tolstoy

"The vocation of every man and woman is to serve other people. "

- Leo Tolstoy

"If you want to be happy, be. "

- Leo Tolstoy

"Seize the moments of happiness, love and be loved! That is the only reality in the world, all else is folly. It is the one thing we are interested in here."

- Leo Tolstoy from War and Peace

"Love hinders death. Love is life. All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love. Everything is, everything exists, only because I love. Everything is united by it alone. Love is God, and to die means that I, a particle of love, shall return to the general and eternal source."

- Leo Tolstoy

"The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity by contributing to the establishment of the kingdom of God, which can only be done by the recognition and profession of the truth by every man."

- Leo Tolstoy

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Emil Zatopek Quotes

Quotes by Emil Zatopek

"Great is the victory, but the friendship is all the greater."

"There is a great advantage in training under unfavorable conditions. It is better to train under bad conditions, for the difference is then a tremendous relief in a race."

"If you want to win something, run 100 meters.
If you want to experience something, run a marathon."

"Men, today we die a little."
- Emil Zatopek at the start of the 1956 Olympic Marathon.

"Why should I practice running slow? I already know how to run slow.
I want to learn to run fast."

"When a person trains once, nothing happens. When a person forces himself to do a thing a hundred or a thousand times, then he certainly has developed in more ways than physical.
Is it raining? That doesn't matter. Am I tired? That doesn't matter, either.
Then willpower will be no problem."

"A runner must run with dreams in his heart, not money in his pocket."

"What has passed is already finished with.
What I find more interesting is what is still to come."

"We forget our bodies to the benefit of mechanical leisure. We act continuously with our brain, but we no longer use our bodies, our limbs. It is the Africans who possess this vitality, this muscular youth, this thirst for physical action which we are lacking. We have a magnificent motor at our disposal, but we no longer know how to use it."

"You can't climb up to the second floor without a ladder....When you set your aim too high and don't fulfill it, then your enthusiasm turns to bitterness.
Try for a goal that's reasonable, and then gradually raise it."

"After all those dark days of the war, the bombing, the killing, the starvation, the revival of the Olympics was as if the sun had come out....I went into the Olympic Village and suddenly there were no more frontiers, no more barriers. Just the people meeting together. It was wonderfully warm. Men and women who had just lost five years of life were back again."
Emil Zatopek, about the 1948 London Olympics.

"I was unable to walk for a whole week after that, so much did the race take out of me.
But it was the most pleasant exhaustion I have ever known."
- after winning marathon in 1952

"If you come to think of it, you never see deer, dogs and
rabbits worrying about their menus and yet they run much faster than humans."


"When I was young, I was too slow. I thought I must learn to run fast by practicing to run fast, so I ran 100 meters fast 20 times. Then I came back, slow,slow,slow. People said, 'Emil, you are crazy. You are training like a sprinter.'"

Emil Zatopek on Interval Training, "Everyone said, 'Emil, you are a fool!'
But when I first won the European Championship, they said: 'Emil, you are a genius!'"

"He does everything wrong but win."

Larry Snyder, Ohio State track coach, about Emil Zatopek's contorted style of running.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Photos of Oxford in Snow

In January 2009, unusual weather conditions bought a good dusting of snow, transporting the historic heart of Oxford. These are some photos of the snowy conditions.


Radcliffe Camera Square with a light dusting of snow


Mick on the way to work in the snow


Cycling through snow


Cycling through snow shower


Cycling through snow


Heavy snow