Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why We Love Character of Sherlock Holmes

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle always wished to be known as a great author of historical novels. He never warmed to his own creation - Sherlock Holmes - as much as the reading public who loved this eccentric detective.

What is it about Sherlock Holmes which makes him such a great Character?

Analysis of Sherlock Holmes Character

Great self-confidence

Sherlock Holmes has great confidence in his abilities and capacities. This confidence doesn't come across as egotistic and proud. It is a confidence based on his undoubted abilities in his chosen profession of detective work.


It is perhaps a paradox that someone with so much confidence and belief in his deductive powers can at the same times have a humble modest approach, which doesn't need the praise of the world. There are numerous times, when he is happy to play down his role and give more (or all the ) credit to the police. To Holmes, the satisfaction comes not from worldly and financial reward, but, the satisfaction of solving a crime mystery. He is a true believer in crime detection. His work is his greatest reward. When he throws himself into a crime it is with the best motives.

The Outsider.

We always admire someone just outside the orthodox establishment. Because Holmes is not a real policemen he can do things outside the law. He is willing to bend the law in order to get a bigger prize. It is hard to criticise this approach when he is so successful in getting the bigger prize. At least once a detective notes 'I could never get away with your approach'. It is Holmes willingness to place his own personal safety at risk which we admire.

True Friend

Holmes is not the emotional type given to expressing his emotions. In fact he works hard to display a cold exterior. But, underneath his approach, we know Holmes is a steadfast friend to his Beloved Watson. He is also loyal and willing to sacrifice everything for clients who come to him and he is willing to take on their case.

The Eccentric.

Holmes is no dedicated follower of fashion. He sets his own way of life and appears content with or without society's approval. He is the long tradition of the English eccentric with his own foibles, genius and eccentricity.

A Great Judge of Character.

It seems Holmes can weigh up a person's life, personality and character from the flimsiest of external evidence. But, often he is proved right.

By far the best media representation of Sherlock Holmes is Jeremy Brett in the ITV series. He captures the mood and character of Holmes to perfection and with a considerable degree of flair.


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I think this post needs to be updated. I dare say that the best portrayal of Sherlock Holmes by far is Benedict Cumberbatch in BBCOne's Sherlock.

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Yes! Yes!

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Go Benedict Cumberbatch!!